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Who made this blog? Why?


This is a personal blog detailing my experience with advanced liver cirrhosis, the mostly natural and holistic treatment I use, the mistakes I’ve made, the amazing things I’ve found out. Everything. It’s all here. I sincerely hope that you find value from this and always understand there are people in your position (and worse), you’re not alone in this fight!

I was first diagnosed with advanced liver cirrhosis in February 2020.  Since then I have been through so many ups and downs.  In my experience I have found that having knowledge on this subject and understanding even just the basics of the biological processes that are happening whilst having Fatty Liver Disease, Cirrhotic Liver Disease, Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD), Advanced liver disease and End Stage Liver Disease (ESLD).

The power to beat this and live a normal fulfilling life can only come from within, you NEED to want to fix this, self pity will create negative emotions and with the mind’s ability to influence the physical body, the wrong mindset when dealing with something that is life threatening is dangerous.  Personally it took me 3 years after diagnosis of and stage liver disease (Mortality at 3 – 5 years is medically classed as 50%) to get my act together and do everything right, to save my life.

It has saved my life.

I hope that this information reaches the right people. I urge everyone who is going through this experience to keep and open mind and don’t believe everything medical professionals tell you, everyones biological makeup is different, yet we receive a one size fits all approach to medication and treatment, treatment should be personalised, you should be using what your body accepts and improves with.



Hi! I'm Zahir. I'm a 40 something year old guy living with liver cirrhosis. My goal is to tell my story of how I am beating the odds and winning this battle. Checkout my blog for frequent updates and very useful information on winning and living a great live with a liver cirrhosis diagnosis.

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